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Throw away paper logs!

Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated monitoring.

Save Time and Money

Streamline operations by reducing labor costs associated with manual monitoring.

Increase Compliance

Ensure federal, state, and local regulatory compliance with accurate data recording.

Protect Inventory

Avoid costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory loss with real-time, actionable alerts.

Get notified instantly when problems are detected

Receive instant, actionable alerts via SMS text messages and emails anytime issues are detected. Configure alert settings to manage incidents.


Automated Temperature Monitoring

Trusted by hospitals, hotels, and food service providers worldwide

Quick & Easy Setup

Wireless sensors are installed in minutes. Automated temperature and humidity readings are captured instantly.

Actionable Alerts

Receive timely alerts via sms text messages and emails. Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings.

Corrective Action

Quickly document the necessary course of action required to address alerts associated with incidents and workflows.

Compliance Visibility

Ensure CDC, EPA, and FDA regulatory compliance with accurate data recording and printable reports.

Our Approach

Manual monitoring is risky business. It’s impossible to manually monitor anything 24 hours a day, and periodic monitoring is unreliable at best. Employees often miss readings, and the readings they do manage to take are prone to frequent human error as they rush through readings to get back to more important tasks. Even still, the fact remains that equipment can break down at any time of day or night. Without a robust monitoring system in place, organizations stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with manual monitoring, including: labor wages, regulatory fines, unexpected equipment failures, wasted inventory, and more.

As the world’s leader in turnkey remote monitoring solutions, we’re committed to delivering superior automated protection that supports commercial refrigeration systems and facilities around the clock while delivering substantial cost savings. We honor our commitment with industry-leading hardware, unparalleled monitoring, and 24/7/365 support, all of which have earned us the trust of many organizations worldwide.

It’s no secret that manual monitoring puts organizations at greater risk than automated monitoring - so much so that most regulatory agencies encourage organizations to install automated monitoring systems. Start protecting yourself against the unexpected by trying one of our solutions FREE for 30 days.



It delivers substantial cost savings by automatically monitoring temperatures around the clock and eliminating the need for manual, onsite refrigeration temperature monitoring. Most users see a significant reduction in operational costs, increased productivity, and improved regulatory compliance.
Sensors are zip-tied into refrigeration units for 24/7 temperature monitoring.
Temperature thresholds are set via the IoT in a Box application.
When temperatures fall out of the pre–set range, an alert notification is instantly sent to designated contacts via SMS text message
There is no maintenance required. Devices are designed to last for years and include a limited lifetime replacement guarantee.
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